Language Skills for Academic Success [Tier 3 Toolkit - January 2024]

When supporting students with literacy, do you consider you are building a LEGO tower of bricks with each representing mastery of a prerequisite skill or more as a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces are interconnected with opportunities to review and revisit skills building mastery over time?

I typically will do both, tailoring to the needs of the students I’m working with or the needs of the class I’m teaching. 

I will typically use a skill mastery approach when focused on reading [decoding] and spelling skills – that is the ‘alphabetics’ cluster of skills identified in the National Reading Panel [2000] report.  However, once students can read text with sufficient fluency, I’ll incorporate the reading comprehension strategies of question asking and question answering, to generate written summaries utilizing sentence combining to support student success.

When providing intervention support to students requiring Tier 3 Support, there is great value in understanding the relationship between language and executive skills and the strategies that can be incorporated to scaffold success.

Want to know more? Join me in January as we dive into Academic Language for Student Success as part of the Tier 3 Toolkit Membership.  I’ll be sharing Key knowledge and research plus Practical resources and how they could be used.

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