What do we know about the co-existence of Literacy Difficulties [including Dyslexia]
ADHD | DLD | Hearing Impairment | Autism | Traumatic Brain Injury
Complex Medical Conditions | Oncology | Chronic Heart Disease | FASD | Epilepsy | Rare Disease

How do we Implement an evidence based approach for the rare and medically complex kids?

What drives our decision making?

How can we best support these students in the classroom and clinic setting?

How can the Science of Reading and Science of Learning research provide a solid foundation for all students?

Includes Case Studies across K-12 from the mainstream classroom setting

An expansion of my recent presentation for the DSF-Speld 2022 Language, Literacy and Learning Conference

Presented in celebration of Speech Pathology Week 2022

Supporting partnerships and collaboration between Medicine, Allied Health and Education for students who have opportunities for mainstream education thanks to advancements in medicine, treatment options, early intervention and technology.

This presentation is appropriate for any education, allied health, medical staff and parents of students who may have histories of co-exiting conditions or complex medical histories.

25 August 2022