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NESA Accredited Teaching Courses

A NESA accredited course is a course that has met the requirements of the NSW Education Standards Authority. When a course is endorsed by NESA, it means that it meets the Australian Professional Teacher Standards, and NESA recognises this.

In Australia, the law requires that teachers or principals get accredited. In fact, it is their responsibility to ensure that their accreditation is constant. 

There are consequences if a teacher fails to get accreditation. This includes the fact that they may find it hard to remain employed. In New South Wales (NSW), teachers and principals who do not hold active accreditation cannot continue to be employed to teach in NSW and to get accredited, they must meet the NESA maintenance requirements. 

NESA Approved Courses & Training

To maintain accreditation, all NSW teachers must complete a number of hours of professional development.

NSW Education Standards Authority Accreditation is a mandatory requirement under the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004. It makes provisions for teachers to be accredited at Proficient Teacher Level, and maintain that accreditation, with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

NESA sets the standards that define the knowledge, practice and professional engagement needed for high quality effective teaching. Of course, the aim of these standards is to improve the learning outcomes of students. 

The standards make use of nationally agreed indicators of teacher quality. They guide the preparation, support and development of teachers throughout their careers. In the long term, teachers who stay accredited will move from graduate to proficient teachers, to highly accomplished professional teachers.

Our NESA Accredited Courses Can Be Accessed Online

Language and Learning provides current research and curriculum aligned professional development courses. It does this through the lens of inclusive education that is easily translated into classroom practice. These courses are high quality, practical, and professional.

The ‘Words Matter: Oral Language and Communication in the K-2 Classroom’ is now a NESA Accredited Professional Development course in NSW by Language and Learning. It is a practical online course which was written for Mainstream Classroom Teachers in New South Wales who are looking to transition to an all inclusive syllabus. 

Teachers from other states, Speech Pathologists, parents and others are welcome to attend the course training. But the content will be specific to the new requirements in the NSW Syllabus that is due for Mandatory classroom implementation in Term 1 2023.

Every teacher in NSW who attends the course in the new Hybrid Model Format has accreditation from NESA. What this means is that every teacher who completes the online modules will receive accreditation. 

The course is set up this way:

  • Sessions 1, 3 & 5 will run live while Sessions 2 & 4 will be completed as online modules with pre-recorded videos. It will also have a series of small tasks to meet the requirements of NESA accreditation. 
  • The course management has 5 live sessions for those who don’t need accreditation from NESA. Those who do need accreditation must complete the online modules, however they are also welcome to attend Session 2 and 4 as live sessions in addition to the online modules if desired.

The new NSW K-2 English Syllabus has some relevant changes. First, it comes with a new Oral Language and Communication outcomes and content. School leaders and early adopter schools must start the course early, so that they can have a real idea of the course contents. 

Language and Learning teacher and tutor training for teaching children with learning disabilities is online making it easily accessible. There are opportunities for live zoom-based discussions and these discourses are provided at a time that suits our participants.

The  course covers areas like Oral Language & Communication Outcomes, how Typical Development aligns to the Oral Language & Communication Outcomes along with Classroom Application of Resources & Ideas

There are also live sessions that Kathryn runs for courses that those who do not need NESA Accreditation attend. Anyone who wants NESA Accreditation MUST complete the Online Modules. But they are also welcome to attend the live sessions as extras.

Working Hard Towards More NESA Accredited Training Courses

Language and Learning provides information & speech and language training for teachers, school leaders & speech therapists. We aim to support those who are working with extra needs students across all schooling levels in Australia. 

We provide training courses and coaching designed to equip teachers and school leaders to support their extra needs students to be the best they can be.

We hope to get more of our courses online accredited by NESA. We are working ardently by using current research to provide teacher and tutor training for teaching children with learning disabilities. 

We have courses for School Leaders, Teachers and Tutors, Speech Pathologists, and other individuals who want training so they can help children learn. We also run a service for parents and caregivers who need support to help their children navigate their K–12 school journey and transition to life beyond school. 

Join Kathryn as she walks you step by step through the basics of what you need to know sharing knowledge of how to align intervention in the clinic to the classroom as well as strategies for effective collaboration with schools.

Contact us here to get started. 

Language and Learning

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