Working in a school is one of the few workplaces where it takes a full 12 months to truly know the events that occur during a year. And that first year can seem very long!

For students, teaching staff and support staff the end of every term brings fatigue, third term is always a killer and the end of winter sport season brings great joy to all is it sees the return of sport free weekends and warmer weather.

Whether classroom teaching or working in a support role (Learning Support or Speech Pathology) one of my greatest challenges was keeping up to date with professional development and accessing professional support networks. Cost, time and distance can be such significant barriers, especially in regional and rural areas.

To contribute back and support my professions of teaching and speech pathology, I’ve developed an ‘All Access Membership’ – A growing treasure trove of webinars and resources. There will be a new webinar and resource added each month as well as the opportunity to connect with a live Q & A discussion to learn, share, network and encourage your professional peers in a supportive, professional learning community.

You can explore and find out more HERE.

To celebrate the launch you can use the code LAUNCH at the checkout for a 15% discount (Valid until 31/10/2018). Alternatively, request to join my Facebook Group and unlock a VIP discount!

So whether you are a principal, executive or instructional leader driving evidence based change in your school, part of the Learning Support Team, a Classroom Teacher or Speech Pathologist, come and link into the support that we all need when working in schools!