Language and Learning, ‘the blog’ was created to support, equip and encourage professionals working in education. Far too often we work in isolation, either in our classroom, or in our professional networks and rarely do we get an opportunity to step into each other’s worlds to learn from each other, share ideas and resources and truly collaborate.

For many years I’ve never quite fitted into any one professional box. As a speech pathologist who started my professional life 20 years ago with a particular interest in working with clients with neurological impairments, I stepped into the world of education in 2001 when I embarked on a Graduate Diploma of Education [Primary] and continued with a Masters of Teaching [Special Education]. Many would question my decision, which was driven by a desire to understand what truly made a difference in the mainstream classroom and test out to see whether I could actually implement and use the tools and suggestions so often suggested by others. Some would even consider that I had left one profession to move to another, however instead I found myself bridging the worlds of Speech Pathology, Special Education and Mainstream Education, having trained and worked in each, I was able to understand and appreciate what made each unique and find common ground.

I have come to refer to myself as a ‘hybrid’, a professional who had taught in all education sectors in NSW (DET, Catholic Schools & Independent Schools) and have developed a love of working with the Primary and High School Age Students, in classrooms full of students with a diverse range of abilities and diagnostic labels attached. My experience has spanned mainstream classrooms, learning support co-ordination across K-12, consultancy in regional office for students with disability, marking support for university lecturers in Special Education, Speech Pathology roles in both private practice and the outpatient general paediatric rehabilitation team as well as an opportunity to pioneer a rehabilitation education liaison role for the local paediatric brain Injury team supporting students back into to school.

For a long time, I have been grateful for those who have supported me and my professional development, and I’ve now been granted to opportunity to support and equip others. There are some extremely exciting developments in the pipeline which I will be sharing over the coming months, but for now my desire is to say welcome!

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